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New York ARTCC General Documents

New Controller Orientation Guide 2/24/2013
ZNY Regulations and Policies - Rev 6 03/08/2013
ZNY Training Policies and Procedures - Rev 6 03/08/2013
Introduction to Controlling 05/28/2011
ZNY Level Specific Training Criteria - Rev 1 03/08/2013
Voice ATIS Standards 04/01/2012
Visiting Oceanic Controller Policy 04/01/2013

Major Facility Standard Operating Procedures (Includes Associated Satellite Fields)

Newark ATCT/ N90 Newark Area (EWR) SOP 6/25/2013
Kennedy ATCT/N90 Kennedy Area (JFK) SOP 7/1/2013
LaGuardia ATCT/N90 LaGuardia Area (LGA) SOP 6/25/2013
Philadelphia ATCT/TRACON (PHL) SOP 7/31/2008
N90 Liberty Area SOP 11/22/2011
New York Center (ZNY) SOP 6/17/2008
New York Center (ZNY) Condensed SOP 6/17/2008
New York Oceanic (ZWY) SOP 2/16/2006
Traffic Management Unit SOP 12/01/2010

Minor Facility Standard Operating Procedures

Allentown ATCT/TRACON (ABE) SOP 6/18/2013
Bermuda ATCT (TXKF) SOP 1/02/2009
Binghamton ATCT/TRACON (BGM) SOP 8/31/2003
Elmira ATCT/TRACON (ELM) SOP 8/31/2003
Harrisburg ATCT/TRACON (MDT) SOP 2/21/2009
Islip ATCT/N90 Islip Area (ISP) SOP 8/31/2003
McGuire RAPCON (WRI) SOP 8/31/2003
Reading ATCT/TRACON (RDG) SOP 8/31/2003
Wilkes Barre ATCT/TRACON (AVP) SOP 8/31/2003

Letters of Agreement with Neighboring ARTCCs

New York ARTCC (ZNY) - Boston ARTCC (ZBW) LOA 1/01/2012
New York ARTCC (ZNY) - Cleveland ARTCC (ZOB) LOA 2/16/2008
New York ARTCC (ZNY) - Washington ARTCC (ZDC) LOA Jun 12, 2012
New York Oceanic (ZWY) - Jacksonville ARTCC (ZJX) LOA May 22, 2013